Welcome to the ADMA website

Pursuant to the efforts made by the Government of the Azores through the Regional Directorate for the Communities to bring closer the media from the Azores and from the Azorean diaspora and to encourage sharing between them during this year of 2022 in meetings held firstly in the Azores, in Ponta Delgada, in May, and later in the United States, in New England, in October.

Considering the important role of the PBBI - Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute of California State University, Fresno, in supporting innovation in the relationship with the diaspora.

A platform, where ideas (content between established members, if they so wish) are to be shared between the media from Azores and from the Azorean diaspora, is established, which shall be guided by the following principles


Azores – Diaspora Media Alliance (ADMA) is a platform where the media from Azores and from the Azorean diaspora can share ideas, projects in order to establish synergies and dissemination spaces that will result in a better understanding of the Azores in the diaspora and of the diaspora in the Azores.

Freedom to join

ADMA is open to all media who want to join, free of charge, and will work with PBBI – Portuguese Beyond Borders Institute of the California State University, Fresno.


Azores – Diaspora Media Alliance (ADMA) will serve as an open forum with the following objectives:

1. Create spaces that allow ADMA members to network and discuss professional and social issues on both sides of the Atlantic.

2. Promote a broad coverage of the Azorean diaspora in all its multiplicities, and bring the diaspora, particularly its second, third and successive generations, a better knowledge of the Azores of today.

3. Provide contacts and sources of information between journalists and the media based in the Azores and the diaspora.

4. Encourage youth on both sides of the Atlantic to pursue careers in journalism, including the possibility of spaces for interns from the Azores in the USA and Canada and vice versa being created.

5. Advocate for reciprocal cooperation based on experience and common points that unite the media in the Azores and in the diaspora.

6. Establish contacts between the American and Canadian academic world and the media in the diaspora and in the Azores, enabling the participation of media professionals in new forums for debate and training.

7. Generate, through several communication platforms, new contents aimed at the Azoreans’ descendants who do not communicate in Portuguese.


Formation of the Azores-Diaspora Media Alliance (ADMA)